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Dr. Jennifer Nyhof (known to most as “Dr. Jenn”) grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; the city so famous that it inspired a song with a similar namesake, written by “The Weakerthans”.

As a child, Dr. Jenn enjoyed the things that are considered commonplace: reciting the Fibonacci sequence, learning the subtle nuances of Phillips, Roberts, and Torx-bit terminology, wondering if there could ever be a series of novels better than the Babysitter’s Club, and more than anything, idolizing the volunteers working with Operation Smile (https://www.operationsmile.org). If you’re so inclined, and you can find 5 minutes to stop and smell the roses, please read Operation Smile’s Code of Conduct. It may renew your faith in humanity.

Dr. Jenn had the privilege of receiving her Secondary School education at Balmoral Hall School for Girls. Once terrified of public speaking, it was here that she had her first opportunity to confront that fear head on. With a trembling voice and weakened knees she recited “Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man” as a spoken word piece, to a classroom of 16 year old girls. We all still wonder what Bob Dylan would have thought. She had a penchant for biotechnology, and still talks about the movie GATTACA. She loved robotics, even though it took an embarrassing mishap for her to realize that LED lights don’t all glow bright orange – resistors are your friend. She knew that she loved to write. Her English teacher put her on the spot one day and said, “Can you please recite any poem you know from memory?”. Wild eyed with uncertainty, she slouched in her seat. Her teacher smiled, and pressed play on the class’ boom box. “Yo, I’l tell you want, what I really, really want” Apparently, she hadn’t considered that lyrics, in most contexts, constitute poetry. In fact, she learned that lyrics, when combined with a backing track, form music; and playing music came to be an important part of her self care. It was something that could soothe away life’s daily stresses. It became less important which instrument you asked her to play.

Her post-secondary education included obtaining degrees in Biological Sciences, Environmental Public Health, a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and a PhD. Mostly, she never wanted to stop learning. While completing her studies, she gained meaningful employment in the fields of retail, arts and entertainment, fitness and personal training, marketing and brand management, customer service, science and technology, human resources, culinary services, health and safety, statistics, education and training, trade and tourism, foreign affairs,and entrepreneurship. This experience was gained during her employment within all levels of government, non-profit organizations, NGO’s, and within many industrial sectors. To keep fit and to have fun, Dr. Jenn became engaged in the sports of hockey, rugby, and pole-dancing. She hopes her next missions can include finding a cure for racism, taking a course in Photoshop, advancing ONE Reality | R1, and continuing the story of JayCee HaLLows.

Now living in the Boston area, in her spare time, Dr. Jenn continues practicing Veterinary Medicine. Massachusetts is in a great state.




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